What you can do in BG for...

For free!

Most of the permanent museum and gallery exhibitions, visit the Tower of Gardoš, sunset on the Danube Promenade, visit of Kalemegdan Park and churches Ružica and Sv.Petka.


1 Euro
-driving in Circle tram 2,  breakfast in the bakery

3 Euro-Option 1 - morning coffee and breakfast in one of the city's bakeries; Option 2 - morning coffee for two and walk around Kalemegdan

10 Euro
-Option 1 - skiing in Ada for one person Option 2 - 2 tickets for the theater / cinema and cakes in pastry; Option 3 - rent a bike for two and drinks at Ada

15-20 Euro
-if you're lucky to find yourself in Belgrade during the presentation of some of opera or ballet, for 10-15 euros you can buy tickets for two and enjoy the ambiance of the National Theatre in Belgrade and great performances by artists. The average single ticket is around € 6.

30 Euro
-Option 1-a complete lunch for two (including  bottle of wine) Option 2 - grocery shopping at the market for a full lunch and an evening out in one of the city's famous clubs; Option 3 - 2 tickets to some of the actual concerts.