about us

Urban Nomad is an agency based in Belgrade. The main activity of the agency is web business and web marketing. As part of our agency, also operates the web site www.go-belgrade.com, a unique portal of Belgrade, which emphasizes the promotion of tourist potential of the Serbian capital. Through the presentation of city’s tourist offer, with detailed, updated and exclusive information, our aim is to reach out to as many users in the world. Our site allows people from around the world, through cooperation and mutual exchange of opinions, interests, information and experiences, to enrich their lives, make new friends, meet new cultural trends and expand knowledge and horizons.

Interactivity and involvement of the general population in the work site, with special emphasis on creativity and innovation is what we aspire to be recognized.


Interactive web portal go-belgrade also offers updated information, the latest service news and reports about the cultural, sports and entertainment venues in the city and the region. It also presents columns and essays of young Serbian artists and scientists, offering you as well possibility to participate actively in the design of the site by setting up your own blogs, photos, videos, suggestions and advices. Through our agency, as well as through the web portal, we offer the following services:


-Direct, fast and reliable booking accommodation all over the world thru our partner Booking.com


-Design and conduction of guided tours for you in Belgrade. Also, through our tour operator partner, we make for you fast and reliable accommodation reservations in Belgrade, from youthful hostels to luxury 5-star hotels. However, if you decide to individually go around the city, we have for you well trained and licensed tour guides for the city sightseeing.


-Offer of a number of interesting and totally different tours through Serbia, ‘’something for everyone’’- from a journey through the Serbian culture and history to very new adventures, by discovering well-kept Serbian cultural secrets and hidden gems of its beautiful nature


-Easy and quick search, detailed information on tourist, cultural and entertainment offer of the city.


-Service information, the latest events and news of the city


-Allow you to express yourself, leave your comments, critics or suggestions on any of our online channels: go-belgrade blog, FB, TW, You Tube as well as on ‘’Your story’’ site page.


-Possibility of advertising on our site through banner advertisement. For more details on advertising prices, please contact us directly: marketing@go-belgrade.com