Art speaks the universal language, so you might not mind if you do not know every word and still you are passionate fan of theater. Opera or ballet fans can enjoy some of the plays from the rich repertoire of the National Theatre. In Belgrade there are two dozen theaters offering every night a different show. Theatrical season lasts from October to June,

and if you are in Belgrade in September, do not miss BITEF, Belgrade Theatre Festival, one of the oldest and most prestigious in Europe.


National Theatre, Francuska st, 3

The National Theatre in Belgrade, was established in 1868. It is located in the heart of the City, on the Republic Square. Opera, Ballet and Drama are separate units operating within it. Performances take place at the Grand Scene ''Rasa Plaovic''. On 22nd November 1868. at the Theatre was held  the first play-''Djuradj Brankovic'' and that date is celebrated as the ''Day of Theatre''.

The building has undergone several restorations and the last major renovation was in the period 1986-1989.


Address: Desanke Maksimović 6/I
Phone: +381 11 324 3643

Bosko Buha Theatre
Address: Trg Republike 3
Phone: +381 11 2632 887

Address: Radnička 3
Phone: +381 11 305 5070

Small Theatre ''Puz''
Address: Radoslava Grujića 21
Phone: +381 11 2438 036