Belgrade keeps its rich history and proudly tells a story about it through the settings in its museums. Find out more about its origin and survival through the centuries and different epochs. Discover how Belgrade developed, what impacts it suffered, who are its inhabitants, and how they changed it.
The National Museum is the oldest museum institution in Belgrade. It was built in 1844. under the name Museum serbski.
Today the National Museum has in its holdings of more than 400,000 cases in Serbia and neighboring countries in its archeological and historical art collections. National Museum collection are organized into four sections:

-Middle Ages
-Recent art


Museum of African Art
Address: Andre Nikolića 14
Phone: +381 11 2651 654

Museum of Contemporary Art
Address: Ušće 10, blok 15
Phone: +381 11 311-5713

Museum of History of Belgrade
Address: Zmaj Jovina 1, Resavska 40b (nova zgrada)
Phone: +381 11 2630-825

Museum of Yougoslav Film Archive
Address: Kosovska 11
Phone: +381 11 324 8250