Belgrade has a myriad of bakeries. So, you will not have to walk more than 200 feet, in any part of the city to come across one. Belgradians often eat something from bakery passing by, walking, on noon pause or after good night party. Many of them are working non-stop, and what we recommend is to try authentic specialties such as burek, pogacice sa cvarcima, and various kinds of pies.

What will certainly attract you to enter some bakery is the smell of fresh pastries and other baked delicacies. The choice is really very diverse: croissants, rolls, sweet rolls, various pies and of course the most popular burek. In the city there are several chain stores and bakeries that have become recognized and well known for their good products. There, you will be able also to drink coffee or to take one on go. We believe that you will enjoy every bite and that at least at that moment you won`t worry too much about your good look.


Recommended bakeries:


Toma- Kolarčeva st 6-8

Trpković- Dimitrija Tucovića 60, Nemanjina 32 (Slavija Square)

Aca- Svetogorska st 25

Hleb i kifle (bakery chain)- Makedonska st 17, Čika Ljubina st 6, Njegoševa st 67, Bulevar kralja Aleksandra st 193a...


Džordža Vašingtona st 26