Green Markets

Green markets are authentic sites of the Belgrade daily life. They contain not only healthy naturally grown fruits and vegetables, but there, you may also spend your time discussing with local farmers on life problems… or, if you have a little luck and patience, with skillful bargaining, you can have an authentic piece of clothing or jewelry. For centuries, markets in Belgrade represent a meeting place of the urban population during weekly purchases of meat, milk, eggs and greens. To date, Belgradians, as well as many foreign visitors, feel that green markets give a special charm and authentic stamp to our city.


 On Belgrade markets, you may experience things that won’t happen to you anywhere else -to talk about major political issues with the vendor of fruit (even if you do not speak the same language), to buy the famous’ ‘tobacco cracklings-cvarci’’ in a nearby butcher's shop, to discuss the meaning of life with a local wiseacre, to drink a morning brandy with a seller of eggs or to buy yourself a nice piece of jewelry or amber on one of the many stalls.
Remember- Belgrade markets are not fancy places for buying food in the open! They are the true pulse of this city, on them every morning, regardless of social status or age everything communicates and equalizes. It's not for nothing when they say-  if you want to know this people and this city, it is best to spend the morning at one of its green markets!

Recommended Markets:

Kalenic- most famous market in town, Stari Grad
Zeleni Venac-market in the city center, Old Town
Bajloni-close to Skadarlija, Old Town
Djeram-on the boundary of Zvezdara and Vračar in most urban boulevard