Coffee culture

Daily life of Belgradians revolves around coffee. The first one in the morning, one for lunch break or during your wandering through the city, one in the afternoon with friends. “Let's go for coffee” is a favorite expressions, and often replaces the standard ''want to meet up?''

Keep in mind that most Serbs drink tea "only when ill’’ so think twice if you’re about to ask for cup of tea!
Turkish, homemade, espresso, nescafé– in a word, coffee! It is an irreplacable part of life in Belgrade.
And do not forget, whether it comes to coffee, or some other drink, watch, unlike most of their Western compatriots, Belgradians continue to pay each other a drink (tours). This means that if you go out for a drink, someone from the group will pay the entire bill. This is quite casual custom and it is considered an insult to not agree with somebody to pay your drink. Of course, in the future, you'll be expected to pay for coffee or drinks.

Remember, one of the most common sentences in the slang of Belgrade's bohemian life is “Ja castim” (It is my treat!). With or without cause, ''paying the bill'' is the matter of respect of your guest and part of the culture.

There are places in Belgrade, where you can still taste traditional home cooked coffee, Domaca (sometimes called “Turkish”), served with Turkish delight. We suggest you experience Domaca in one of the traditional cafés like Manjež or Kalenic.


Le Petit Bar
Address: Njegoseva 1
Phone: +381 11 3640 127
Music: latino,fado
Prices: ok

Cafe bar in the center of Belgrade in the spirit of France, with an open garden and inner part of two levels. Wade range of alcoholic and soft drinks, cocktails, coffees, cakes and salads.
Fridays and Saturdays starting from 9 p.m. live Spanish, Fado, evergreen and latino music. Staff is trained to serve guests in several foreign languages​​.


Address: Strahinjića bana 48
Phone: +381 64 3343 970

For years one of the most popular cafes in the so-called ''Silicon Valley''. Yet in many ways this cafe is different from the rest of the objects in this popular street. This is a relaxed place with unusual interior, styled in the spirit of Orient and, as its name suggests, distant Afghanistan. It has a capacity of 100 seats. The interior is decorated with a canopy and cushions in different colors .. You can sit for hours a...more

Address: Vlajkovićeva
Working hours: 10-02h

Jazz cafe
Address: Obilićev venac 19
Phone: +381 11 3282 380
Working hours: 10-02h

Address: Topolska 18 i Delta City
Phone: +381 11 2203 756

Address: Kralja Petra 73
Phone: 069/4464-056
Cuisine: express-Mediterran